Saturday, 2 september 2023

Steam-hauled train to Szolnok

 Steam-hauled nostalgia train
 Tour type one-day-trip
 Accomodation Without accomodation.




Third-class carriages with an unadulterated turn-of-the-century atmosphere. Tickets for the third class include seat reservation, welcome and a farewell gift. Spacious interiors with wooden benches for 2-3-4 people and with separate compartments in some cars. Air conditioning and WiFi are not available in the third class carriages.

Third class wagons fleet consist the following types:

Caü , Cmn

Travellign in the cozy-designed cabins with comfortable, periodically renovated upholstered seats with green fabric are a unmatched experience. The cabins are designed for six or eight people. Air conditioning and WiFi connection are not available in the second class nostalgia cars.

Second class wagons fleet consist the following types:


Our guests can experience the exclusive atmosphere of the turn-of-the-century fast trains in three- and six-seater cabins with burgundy-colored upholstered seats that provide more legroom compared to the the second-class cabins.
Air conditioning and WiFi connection are not available in the first-class nostalgia cars.

First class wagons fleet consist the following types::

ABa , ABaü , ABak

Da 6404

 Originally built as a conductor car in 1915, the buffet car is the central meeting point for the train. The brass counter, the raw wood benches and tables create an unadulterated casting atmosphere and provide the perfect place to meet new friends. A wide range of snacks and drinks can be purchaused in the buffet car.

The following participation fees are available for our train. Participation fees are the same regardless the place of boarding and disembarkation stations. All ticket types also include a seat reservation fee.

 Participation fees/pax
 1. class
13.990 HUF 11.990 HUF
 2. class12.990 HUF 10.990 HUF
 3. class10.990 HUF 8.490 HUF

* Children’s tickets can be purchased between the ages of 4 and 14. Under the age of 4, travel is free without seat reservation. Children needs to sit ont he lap of the adults

You will receive 1 MRT Rail Club stamp for this journey!

Schedule (proposed)

Budapest - Szolnok
 Budapest-Nyugati 08:33
 Szolnok (main station)
Szolnok - Budapest
 Szolnok (main station)

Steam-hauled train to Szolnok -